K Cartlidge

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Military SF Author


KA Cartlidge Welcome to my site, where I post on a variety of topics mainly related to my writing, writing in general, SciFi, Fantasy and Tech.

I've been maintaining this site in various forms for a few years. Posts have been infrequent (but consistently so - I'm setting no false expectations here).

I mainly discuss creative writing and software development, with the occasional review thrown in. Those who've been with me for a while will note that that many posts have gone. They simply were no longer relevant.

My main influences are Noir (for example Raymond Chandler), Space Opera (such as Eric Brown or Iain M Banks), Sword and Sorcery (e.g. Conan, Black Company), Epic or High Fantasy (David Gemmell, Julian May) and Military SciFi (Sven, Gaunt, WH40K). My writing tends to be in these SciFi/Fantasy genres.

My first own-brand full-length novel is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

"Not collecting treasures prevents stealing."
- Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching

For those with a technical interest, this site is generated automatically from my own Python static site generator with all content, layout and styling (including responsive) custom-created by myself.

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